Would rim brakes help a slightly bent rim November 30    2

After recently falling and bending the rim a bit I was wondering if forcefully applying the brakes while in motion help it straighten a bit? Might be my imagination but it seems much truer than right after the fall after constantly applying the brake

How can I tell if I can add a front brake to my cruiser November 30    2

I recently had to give up running and decided to start commuting to/from work (about 15 miles round trip) so I could maintain my cardio fitness. One problem is I like to ride my cruiser (a Masi Soulville) and use that as my commuter. It's a coaster-b

Best Cassette Cog Material November 30    1

I am replacing my smallest cassette cog for the 3rd time.I have been using Harris Cyclery's Aluminum CogCrupi's Chromoly Cog is about 3 times as expensive. Is that still worth it?Can anyone comment towards how much Chromoly increases the cog durabili

Joshua X1 Rear Sprocket November 30    1

I need a rear sprocket for a 1997 Joshua X1. Are they available anywhere? I live in North Carolina. If not does anyone buy the MTB for parts?Looks like it has a freehub and 7 speed shifters by default. So you just need a 7 speed Shimano cassette (not

Cannot reach the bearing adjustment nut on rear wheel November 30    2

Cannot reach the bearing adjustment nut on rear wheel
I have a Mt. bike with Shimano STX RC components. I cannot reach the nut and lock nut to adjust the bearing tension. Any ideas how to make an adjustment so I can reach it? Also, How do I tel ...

Why do my pedals move when I move my wheel How do I fix it November 30    3

Why do my pedals move when I move my wheel How do I fix it
Why do my pedals move when I move my wheel? How do I fix it?Here is a clip: This is the model: http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_product ...

Second wheel set for winter November 30    1

I commute every day on my trekking bike and when it is snowy/icy, I replace my normal tires with some studded tires.The studded tires are ace, but replacing the tires is a real pain in the ass. So I'm thinking of buying a replacement set of wheels to

Training Wheels for Starters November 30    2

After numerous attempts to ride my cruiser bike without falling, I have ordered a set of "training wheels" for my bike. Yes, I took the pedals off and practiced on grass and all that, but just could not get the hang of it. The very last time I h

Fixed gear wheel hard to spin November 30    5

My wheel feels harder to spin than usual. I just put new tires on, and at first I thought a tire must be rubbing, but that's not the case. Seems like the hub might just be gunked up inside, but I'm just speculating. From this video, does anyone else

Why no wheels with rope instead of spokes November 30    4

Why no wheels with rope instead of spokes
Spokes in a wheel are (shall) be loaded always in tension. Seems like a simple rope of steel strings would do.Furthermore, uneven spoke tension can lead to lots of problems (among which loos ...

how to find wheel brand November 30    1

How do I find the brand/make of a bike wheel? I have been given a free bike in great condition except the front wheel is damaged. I need to replace it but can't find any markings to state what make it is.you need to know the width of the front fork a

Spoke puncturing my tube, can I cut it November 30    1

Spoke puncturing my tube, can I cut it
I recently bought a second hand city bike. After a 2 weeks I got a flat tire. On closer inspection it looks like this is due to the spoke. The rim tape is fine though. It seems that this par ...

Need help choosing rims for fixed gear November 30    1

I have a Specialized Langster (really old model i think), and it got ran over, well the rims did, and I don't know which ones to get. I wanted to buy the rims and the spokes separate. I would like some velocity b43's but I cant find them anywhere. Ho

Replace rim because of 4 broken spokes November 30    5

When replacing the rear brake pads I noticed that 4 spokes were broken and the wheel wobbles. I phoned a local bike shop and was told that they recommend replacing the wheel if more than 3 spokes are broken.I assume that this is a safety precaution b

Different tension on one spoke November 30    2

I was plucking at the spokes of my rear wheel today which has an asymmetric lacing pattern. It's 2 spokes (both tangential to the rim) on the drive side along with a single spoke on the non-drive side. There are 7 of these triplets spread across the

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