Why do servers bounce the ball before serving November 30    1

I've participated in a volleyball tournament, and noticed that servers (especially those doing overhand serves) bounced the ball twice before starting the serve.Why do servers do this?It's just a ritual.Some players hold the ball straight in front of

Regarding age of a player in the the ICC Under 19 World Cup November 30    2

What is the minimum age for a player to play the ICC Under 19 World Cup? I have tried but cannot know it from any one. In this document, there is no where mentioned minimum age limitation so it can be smoothly assumed that there is no minimum age lim

Tennis tournament winner with multiple walkovers November 30    1

In the 2015 US Open Mixed Doubles competition, Hingis/Paes are playing (finally winners) the finals after receiving 2 walkovers (2nd and 3rd round).Now the match is going on, but has this happened in the past that a player wins a major tournament wit

Eight Ball or black ball Pool rules November 30    1

In 8 ball pool what is the penalty if i play my group ball and another one of my group balls falls into the pocket without being touched ?The rules as defined at UPA are:11.5 Hanging Ball If an object ball hangs in a pocket and drops in 5 seconds or

Can a batsman be stumped from a no ball November 30    2

In cricket, can a batsman be out stumped from a no ball?Law 24 covers no ball - section 16 states that a batsman can only be out in the following ways off a no ball:handled the ballrun outobstructing the fieldhit the ball twice so a stumping doesn't

What is tie-break for match in tennis November 30    2

In US-Open 2015 mixed doubles final I saw tie-break instead of the third set.What is that ? Is it applied only in mixed doubles? When this rule is applied in tennis?Is it applicable for all tournaments?First of all, Mixed Doubles competition is playe

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